Why PI?
The better a persons’ driving factors suit the main job tasks in a position, the less energy is spent to adopt - which results in higher job satisfaction and performance.
What is PI?
The PI® system consists of two tools in one: the job analysis tool PRO™ which lets two or more persons create a common job profile for a certain position; and the profile analysis tool PI® which helps us understand a person’s driving forces. Together, PRO™ and PI® predict how well a candidate fits or which development/coaching areas a co-worker has for a certain position.
To ask the right questions and stay objective is among the hardest things to do during an interview - for qualified recruiters as well as for newly-appointed managers. If one also asks different questions to different candidates predictability decreases significantly.
What is CATIL?
CATIL® is a fast and simple web based tool which creates scenario based interview questions from a function library or from an automatic analysis of the gap between the personality one is looking for (the job analysis tool PRO™) and candidates’ personality (the profile analysis tool PI®).
Why PLI?
Many years research shows cognitive ability is the single best predictor of job performance. The higher cognitive ability, the faster learning and decisions take place - which is relevant for all positions.
What is PLI?
PLI® is a web based test in more than 60 languages, measuring verbal, numerical and abstract intelligence indicating a person’s general cognitive ability. PLI® is scientifically validated, culture neutral and takes only 12 minutes to complete. The test is very difficult to manipulate since one person never receives the same questions.

  • Nadim Penser, Vice President HR - Atlas Copco Rock Drills

    Predictive Index is being used more and more extensively within Atlas Copco internationally, as we gain experience and see how it strengthens our ability to enhance business results via an improved understanding of people's underlying motivation factors.
  • Kickan Söderberg, HR Partner - SVT

    SVT has been using Predictive Index in almost all manager recruitments for over 10 years. PI has become a natural and recognized complement to the interviews for us in HR. We also use PI in team / group development. With PI the group gets a clearer picture of participants' motivations, strengths and development areas. SVT has about ten PI analysts today and they are all very much in demand. It's both fun and stimulating that the tool has had such a high impact in our organisation.
  • Fredrik Krüeger, Head of HR - IKANO Finance

    PI is an essential part of our recruitment process. The last few years we have also discovered the other possibilities PI provides us with when it comes to teambuilding activities, setting up project management teams and as a support for our development talks.
  • Fia Göransson, Vice President HR - PMC Group

    PI is the right instrument for us in relation to recruitment and team development. We use PI within the PMC Group as a complement for discussions in all our recruitments. PI’s advantage is that it is quick and gives this extra input we need to confirm our view of the candidate at the interview. As an experienced PI analyst you can also give the candidate immediate feedback which is easy to relate to both for the candidates and the manager. We also use PI for team development where we look at the teams overall PI and the teams strengths and weaknesses as a whole. We also work with each specific persons PI  in order to identify where there are potentials for conflicts or for optimizing each team members strengths to get a better effect of the entire group.
  • Janet Larsson, HR Service Centre - Bring Norden AB

    After using PI for many years, it is a given tool in Brings' recruitment processes for HR and many managers. Now we are complementing PI (& PRO) with the interview tool CATIL to leverage our HR service centre and our recruiting managers to the next level.